View From US Military Plane Shows Mass Devastation In Gaza

In the time that has passed following the 2016 federal elections in which Donald Trump achieved a shocking victory to become the 45th president, of America the national Republican party has struggled in every federal election cycle that has occurred following this triumph. Truly, while the historic members of the middle class have increasingly leaned to the and earned the support of many voters that had been a historically reliable block for Democrats, the GOP has struggled mightily in urban centers and affluent suburbs.

Large numbers of Americans are leery of the Republican party, and while Trump galvanized new groups of voters and expanded its appeal, he alienated many others. In the 2018 midterms, Republicans were crushed in the massive blue wave. In the midst of the COVID-19 pandemic during the year 2020, Trump’s presidency ended after only a single term, and Democrats remained in control of the House of Representatives and gained an edge in the senate. In 2022, during a cycle which was projected to be immensely favorable to the GOP and a chance for redemption, they flopped yet again, losing another seat in the senate and only taking back the majority in the House of Representatives by a paltry margin. Many have believed correctly that the Republicans simply cannot govern, and therefore do not vote for them. This statement was proven correct yet again in the fall of 2023 when speaker Kevin McCarthy was ousted by 8 rogue GOP representatives who sided with Democrats in a vote to remove him. The event was unprecedented in American history and marked the first time a speaker was removed. After embarrassing and chaotic debates, speaker Mike Johnson of Louisiana was elected.

It appears both political parties are incompetent and can do nothing to better the situation within the country. As the war continues in Israel and Gaza, recent aerial footage has shown serious devastation in the region as war progresses.