Quentin Tarantino Axes ‘The Movie Critic,’ Film Rumored to Be His Final One

Quentin Tarantino  “went back to the drawing board” in an effort to determine the plot of his tenth and, presumably, last picture. He plans to direct only ten films in his career, but his latest endeavor, The Movie Critic, will not be the one.

Brad Pitt was said to be set to appear in the 61-year-old director’s third film project with Pitt, but the project has since been shelved. Tarantino has ‘changed his mind’ and will not proceed with the project.

According to reports, the writer-director allegedly made extensive changes to the script during rewrites.

The plot was supposed to take place in 1977 in Los Angeles and follow the protagonist, who drew inspiration from a real-life film critic and his first job as a teenager, adding porn magazines to vending machines.

According to Tarantino, the script is based on a guy who lived but was never really famous, and he used to write movie reviews for a porno rag.

He said that there was one pornographic magazine with an intriguing movie page.

Some have speculated that Tarantino’s past movie personas would appear in The Movie Critic.

Before production would begin in early 2025, Tarantino intended to shoot for a single day in August to qualify for a $20.5 million California Tax Credit.

Tarantino has a history of suddenly abandoning film projects, so this isn’t shocking.

After sending the screenplay to a select number of performers he trusted, Tarantino reportedly decided to scrap The Hateful Eight in early 2014.

He changed his mind when a charity live-read received positive feedback, which prompted him to begin filming. The picture was finally published in 2015.

Among Tarantino’s unrealized ambitions is the Vega Brothers project, which supposedly envisioned Michael Madsen (Reservoir Dogs, 1992) playing Vic Vega and John Travolta (Pulp Fiction, 1994) as Vincent Vega.

Also, he had an R-rated Star Trek project in the works for Paramount, but it was shelved.