New Las Vegas Area Scam Exposed by Resident

An individual has taken extraordinary measures to warn others about a gang that he claims attempted to trick him by posing as an HVAC repairman.

Bruce Allan of Las Vegas, Nevada, was contacted by someone posing as the Nevada Energy Savings Program and demanding that he have his air conditioner inspected.

Allan said they refused to give him a straight answer when he asked for their firm’s real name. Someone informed him that the Nevada Energy Savings Program collaborates with several energy providers.

According to Allan, she asserted her affiliation with the Nevada Energy Savings Program.

He didn’t fall for the con and is now taking action to expose those who prey on the vulnerable.

Allan said it makes him very angry, so he has spoken out against those he claims attempted to con him.

She said the Nevada Energy Savings Program was supposedly her employer and a team member would visit his residence the next day after the phone contact. An unidentified guy in a white vehicle turned up to inspect his air conditioner without any business cards or identification. He went by the name Bayne.

Even though Allan wouldn’t allow him into his home, he let him look at his air conditioner. The individual was allegedly associated with a firm offering a $40,000 credit line after he informed them he needed a new air conditioner.

Allan sought a second opinion from a previous air conditioning business he had dealt with because he had a feeling something was off. It turned out that his 10-year-old air conditioner was just fine.

Another Vegas resident also got a call who said that ECO Air and Plumbing had also called them and that someone had been knocking on their door.

Authorities are hoping that this doesn’t fool homeowners.

If you want to be safe from scammers, you should never pay someone at your home, never give out your personal information over the phone, and always demand identification.