Farmers Slam RSPCA’S New Video About ‘Respecting’ Animals

Over the last century or so, humanity has urbanized to an unthinkable extent in comparison to the way that humanity at large lived in the early 20th century. Indeed, technology and innovation has advanced so much that the entire human lifestyle has completely and irrevocably been altered. In truth, if an individual who had passed away before the 1920s could gaze upon the nature of American life in the present, they would be shocked, mind blown, and maybe even appalled in some ways. Regardless of the potential sentiments, there is no denying the seismic shift in culture that has occurred in the nation over the last 100 years. But perhaps the biggest impact that this unrivaled urban development has had on the nation has been in regard to wildlife, agriculture and animals. The majority of Americans as a whole used to be self-sufficient and agrarian minded before the second world war, living on farms. People grew their own food and canning, and preservation was common.

Animals have been negatively and adversely affected, as more and more forests have been destroyed for development. As they continue to lose their homes, they sometimes lash out. Many people in the modern age do not understand the nature of wild animals (as many have not had much experience dealing with them). One man in Colorado was nearly trampled by an Elk after he attempted to observe the animal closely with a baby nearby.

As humans continue to live increasingly urbanized and isolated lifestyles far removed from the impactful realities of nature, many people’s understandings of a rural lifestyle continue to diminish. Recently, farmers have been outraged after the RSPCA, an animal welfare charitable organization compared cattle farming to stepping on a snail. Many leftists have demonized cattle farmers and claimed cows are mistreated. In reality, on most small family farms in the industry, this couldn’t be further from the truth of the whole matter.