UK Policing Minister Asks if Rwanda & Congo are Different Countries

After raising doubts about whether Chris Philp, the home office minister, knew the differences between the Congo and Rwanda, he was criticized.

On Thursday night’s BBC Question Time, the minister of police made an error when addressing the government’s deportation policies.

A citizen from the public voiced their concern about transferring Congolese people to an enemy country, describing the current relationship between the DRC and Rwanda.

Concerned that his family members could be sent back to the nation they are at war with if they crossed the border right now, he wanted to know how things were in Goma, Democratic Republic of the Congo.

Still, it seemed like the Tory lawmaker was confused about the difference between the two nations. Mr. Philip asked with an expression that betrayed his confusion about whether Rwanda was a separate country from Congo.

Both the audience and Labour’s Wes Streeting seemed perplexed by the minister’s unexpected question. Some onlookers couldn’t help but laugh, while others voiced their shock and amazement.

Shadow home secretary Yvette Cooper said she couldn’t believe it and couldn’t express her feelings when asked about the incident.

Concerns over a humanitarian catastrophe in the unstable eastern Congo area have led aid agencies to be on high alert. The mineral-rich territory near the Rwandan border is now seeing substantial gains made by the armed rebel organization M23.

According to the United Nations humanitarian organization OCHA, 738,000 people have been displaced from their homes as a result of the continuing fighting in only the first quarter of this year.

Rwanda has been accused by the Congolese government, UN authorities, and Western countries, including the US and Belgium, of reportedly supplying assistance for M23. Despite Rwanda’s persistent denials, this assistance includes weaponry and troops.

Following Thursday’s royal assent, the Rwanda (Asylum and Immigration) Bill formally became an Act of Parliament.

Legislation endorsing the government’s proposal for asylum seekers was enacted by Parliament earlier this week. Five migrants tragically drowned in the Channel shortly after this news broke; they were trying to get to the UK.