Drew Barrymore Interviews Kamala Harris, Asks Her to Be ‘Momala of the Country’

Drew Barrymore has interviewed Vice President Kamala Harris and been denounced by some commentators as cringeworthy. Barrymore, known for odd behavior with guests such as sitting uncomfortably close to them, or even – in the case of transgender influencer Dylan Mulvaney, dropping to her knees in admiration – told the Vice President she must become the “Momala” of America. She told Harris that the world, America in particular, needs a big hug at this time.

The two women discussed several topics, including Harris’ controversial laugh, which is frequently mocked. Harris attributed this to misogyny and said the United States is still not used to having a female Vice President. She recounted sitting around the kitchen table with her female relatives growing up and said the women shared a common trait—loud laughs that came “from the belly.”

Vice President Harris has struggled with low approval ratings since she took office, and one reason cited is her laugh. The Democratic National Committee has tried to find out the source of her unpopularity by conducting focus group surveys. Several respondents said they found her laugh difficult, while several others stated that they don’t believe President Biden likes her.

Many survey respondents, however, suggested that Vice President Harris is better at discussing specific issues than Joe Biden, particularly abortion, which Democrats consider crucial in the 2024 elections.

In March, she became the first Vice President ever to visit an abortion clinic when she toured a Planned Parenthood facility in Minnesota. Ms. Harris said America was experiencing a “very serious health crisis,” and many people are “silently suffering” because of severe restrictions or bans on abortion in several states.

When the Supreme Court voted to overturn Roe v Wade in 2022, Harris spoke of her “shock” that a “constitutional right” was removed from American citizens. Several respondents to the DNC Harris survey said the White House should give her more of a platform, particularly on the abortion issue.