Fani Willis Misses Fulton County Debate, Challenger Left Stranded on Podium

In her bid for re-election, the scandal-plagued Fani Willis, the district attorney for Fulton County (Georgia), was conspicuously absent from her Democrat Party debate.

Since her connection with special prosecutor Nathan Wade came to light, Willis has been actively courting controversy as she prosecutes the county’s case of alleged election tampering against Donald Trump.

Her actions were scrutinized in a series of dramatic hearings.

Superior Court Judge Scott McAfee criticized Willis for tremendous impairment in judgment and unprofessional behavior, but according to the 23-page conclusion, she was allowed to remain on the case provided Wade resigned.

Willis got away with her actions as McAfee abruptly decided she could remain on the investigation of Trump’s alleged election tampering, provided that Wade resigned.

She was noticeably absent from April 28th’s party primary debate, leaving Christian Wise Smith with an empty platform when he took the floor.

Even though early voting started on Monday, Willis still decided to co-host a yearly “self-care fair” for crime victims on Sunday.

Smith used the Trump prosecution to attack Willis’ choice to employ Wade.

Alone at the debate, he said that while many Americans, including those in Fulton County, care deeply about this issue, he emphasized throughout the debate that new approaches are necessary.  He said that all of Fulton County suffers when a single attorney gets almost $1 million to handle a solitary case.

Willis is 70 points ahead of Smith in the race, so Smith is probably hoping the no-show would boost his prospects.

In related news, investigative journalist Laura Loomer encountered Fani Willis on Friday night, April 26th, at the Miami, Florida, National Association of Black County Officials (NABCO).

In a post on X, Loomer asked why strippers were at the event where Fani Willis, the Biden-supported DA of Fulton County, Georgia, spoke.  Willis is attempting to imprison President Trump, and it was appalling that she was at an event where people were smoking pot and adult entertainment dancers walked around half-naked.

Nathan Wade, Fani’s ex-lover and previous primary attorney, was also in attendance. The two are still walking hand in hand on trips for work and fun.

There was no word on who paid the bills or if they were paid in cash.