Nikki Haley Joins Think Tank After Ending Presidential Campaign

Former GOP Presidential candidate Nikki Haley has joined the Hudson Institute. The conservative think tank is based in Washington, DC, and Haley will join as its Walter P. Stern chair. Ms. Haley served as UN ambassador during the Trump administration and was the last competitor to drop out of the GOP primaries, holding on until after Super Tuesday despite significant losses to eventual nominee Donald Trump.

In the later stages of the campaign, Haley, who had previously praised Trump but called for fresh leadership, turned on the former President, saying he was not fit to hold office because of his age and temperament.

In a press release, the former South Carolina Governor described the Hudson Institute’s work as “critical” in a world that is less safe thanks to policymakers’ failure to “call out our enemies or acknowledge the importance of our alliances.” She said she wants fully informed Americans to direct lawmakers to ensure a free and prosperous future for the United States.

The Walter P. Stern chair program began in 2020 to honor former chairman Walter Stern, whose work transformed the Hudson Institute into an internationally recognized foreign policy group. Its President and CEO, John Walters, said Ms. Haley is a “steadfast defender of freedom,” and the Institute is honored to have her on board.

Haley has kept a relatively low profile since she departed from the GOP primary race, after which she refused to endorse Donald Trump’s candidacy. Throughout the campaign, she highlighted America’s need for allies and took a strongly pro-Ukraine and pro-Israel stance. Haley firmly supported American aid to both countries, which analysts say makes her a perfect fit for the Hudson Institute.

Other senior Republicans to take up posts at Hudson include Nixon administration Secretary of State Henry Kissinger, George W Bush’s Vice President Dan Quayle, and Nixon and Ford administration White House Chief of Staff Alexander Haig.

The Hudson Institute statement did not confirm Haley’s duties or how much she will be paid.