US Marine Killed During Routine Operation in California

A U.S. Marine was recently killed on base while performing what seemed to be a routine service duty for the enlisted soldier. The death of the Marine occurred this past Tuesday evening, at Camp Pendleton’s air base in San Diego, California. USMC officials released a press statement in which they confirmed a soldier had been killed in what they called a “routine military operation”. USMC officials stated that the death occurred at 5 PM PST at Camp Pendleton.

Due to a pending notification from the Marine’s family, the USMC did not initially release the Marine’s personal information nor the cause of death. However, they did inform the public about a more specific location of the tragedy, confirming the soldier was stationed at the Marine Light Attack Helicopter Training Squadron. This station is a part of Camp Pendleton’s 3rd Marine Aircraft Wing.

USMC officials closed their press release with confirmation that the incident was under current investigation, with no further details on the matter.

This recent loss comes just a week after another young Marine was also killed while stationed on base in a very similar situation. Sgt. Colin Arslanbas, age 23, was killed during a training accident at Camp Lejeune in North Carolina. Arslanbas had just been promoted to sergeant rank before his death, merely a few weeks prior.

Arslanbas was from O’Fallon, Missouri, a town northwest of St. Louis, and had been enlisted in the U.S. Marine Corps since March of 2020. Sgt. Arlsanbas had been promoted to sergeant rank on April 1st this year. The late sergeant was a part of the 24th Marine Expeditionary Unit serving with Reconnaissance Marines.

Camp Lejeune officials released a statement regarding the death, which they said had happened on April 18th. Sgt. Arslbanas died a little after 11 PM and was near Camp Lejeune at the time of his death. The officials also stated the incident was still under investigation.