Meghan Markle’s New Podcast Hits Snag Before Launch

The female-founded firm Lemonada Media, whose mission is to make life less unpleasant, has inked a partnership with Prince Harry and Meghan Markle. After leaving Spotify after producing only one season of her podcast Archetypes, the Duchess joined Lemonada to create and host a new series. No Markle product is anticipated to be aired this year. Due to Lemonada’s concern that the former actress’s television series, which she started shooting at a leased home in Montecito last week, would take precedence, the relaunch of Meghan’s Archetypes podcast was delayed until 2025.

Many believe that Lemonada is worried about potential schedule issues when Meghan’s lifestyle business, American Riviera Orchard, launches and when Lemonada’s podcasts do. According to insiders, Meghan allegedly had a roster of highly high-profile guests lined up to appear on her upcoming podcasts, but her spokesperson chose not to comment.

Twelve episodes of Meghan’s Archetypes plus a thirty-minute holiday special starring the Duke and Duchess constituted the couple’s three-year output of fewer than thirteen hours of material. The self-proclaimed award-winning, independent podcast network, with a mission to make life “suck less,” has Meghan’s enthusiastic February announcement that she is “overjoyed” to be joining the team. In addition, she said that they are actively planning to re-release Archetypes for a wider audience and start an exciting new podcast.

Upon its inception in August 2022, Meghan’s original Spotify program, Archetypes, had about one million listeners per episode and became the top podcast on Spotify in 47 countries worldwide. The series, which included Mariah Carey, Jameela Jamil, and Pamela Adlon among its guests, examined the topic of labels that attempt to limit women’s potential. Not only did it take home the prize for best pop podcast in 2022 from the people, but the Duchess also took home the trophy for best entertainment podcast host at the Gracie Awards.

Along with 50 friends and influencers, Meghan delivered a box of lemons and her strawberry jams, which were debuted earlier this month. The sixth jar of the batch went to Abigail Spencer, who shared a photo of herself lounging on the lawn with the priceless preserve. 

Even while Meghan has broken ties with a few of her previous co-stars due to their high profile, the actress still seems to be a part of her inner circle.