Ukraine PM Says Third World War Could Erupt If They Lose to Russia

As he pleaded with the US Congress to finally enact a foreign assistance measure that has been in limbo for far too long, Ukraine’s prime minister, Denys Shmyhal, warned that a “Third World War” may break out if his country loses its struggle with Russia.

With $61 billion (£49 billion) set aside for Kyiv, the contentiously debated proposal is expected to pass US legislators, according to Shmyhal, who expressed “careful optimism” over the matter.

On Saturday, the House of Representatives will vote on the package.

Funding for the Indo-Pacific region and Israel are also included in the plan.

Since the situation is looking “unfavorable” to Kyiv on the front line, Russia claims that any further American aid for Ukraine will not affect the battlefield.

Ukrainian Prime Minister Shmyhal expressed his urgent need for US security help, saying they needed this money yesterday, not tomorrow.

Ukraine has already made such ominous statements over the repercussions of a possible loss.

The president of Ukraine, Volodymyr Zelenskyy, warned last year that a Russian victory may lead to an invasion of Poland and a third world war.

Kremlin officials, meanwhile, have mocked these assertions, calling them Western scare tactics. Putin called the idea that Russia would launch an assault on Eastern Europe “total nonsense” last month.

Russia has maintained a policy of non-attack on all NATO member states, including Poland. An assault on any one member of NATO is considered an attack on all members due to the collective defense treaty.

Michael McCaul, the Republican chairman of the House of Foreign Affairs, recently said that members of his party were being “infected” by Russian propaganda. Prime Minister Shmyhal was questioned about this in Wednesday’s interview.

Help for Ukraine has been on hold for months due to opposition from conservative Republicans.

Some in Congress are opposed to transferring tens of billions of dollars in assistance to other countries unless the border between the United States and Mexico is secured first.

Furthermore, these conservatives have brushed off any accusations that they may be assets for the Kremlin as baseless slander.

With 40% of the national budget set aside for defense and security in 2024 and arms agreements with North Korea and Iran encompassing missiles, drones, and ammunition, Russia has turned its industrial foundation into an economy focused on war.