U.S. Military Forced To Walk Back Biden’s Statement

President Joe Biden had to back-peddle his comments on the U.S. military’s preparedness for war this week.

On Sunday, Biden was criticized for an interview he gave to CNN, in which he said that the Department of Defense was suffering from a lack of ammunition because of the conflict in Ukraine.

A White House official said the military needs the quantity of weapons systems and ammunition we keep in reserve in case of eventualities or armed confrontation. Everything we’ve sent to Ukraine is more than that target. The statement emphasized that the United States is not currently experiencing an ammo shortage.

In an interview with Fareed Zakaria, Biden explained his rationale for giving Ukraine cluster bombs.

Zakaria noted that some of our closest NATO partners are among the 100 countries that have banned these weapons. Your former press secretary raised the possibility of war crimes when reports surfaced that the Russians may have used it, at least potentially, on people.

He probed for Biden’s about-face rationale in deciding to arm them.

Biden retorted that ammunition supplies for the Ukrainians were becoming low on ammo, and so were we.

The White House clarified after communist China used Biden’s latest slip-up to spread anti-American propaganda online.

The Chinese state-run propaganda agency Global Times claimed that Americans had known about the country’s munitions scarcity for some time. They said it’s common knowledge and to bear in mind that Biden brought this up only to defend his support for using cluster bombs, which might result in more civilian casualties in the conflict.

Biden received many negative scolds for his loose-lipped dangerous faux pas, such as the comments by his main rival for the presidency, Robert F. Kennedy Jr.

Democrat presidential candidate Robert F. Kennedy Jr. tweeted that this statement by Biden seems to imply that the United States is delivering cluster bombs to Ukraine owing to a scarcity of other weapons.

RFK said this seemed like an excuse for Biden to pump more money into the military. He said the moment has come to bring the warring parties to the bargaining table and suggest peaceful alternatives to fighting.