Trump Wins GOP Primary in NY, Wisconsin, Connecticut, and More

Former President Donald Trump and President Joe Biden have secured the Republican and Democrat nominations, respectively, so Tuesday, April 2nd’s primary voting in four states was mostly symbolic.

Decision Desk HQ reports that former President Trump is anticipated to win the New York Republican primary. The former president has already reached the necessary number of delegates for the nomination. According to a tracker from Decision Desk HQ/The Hill, there are 91 GOP delegates in New York.  Since the late 1980s, New York has backed Democrat presidential candidates.

Reports show that former South Carolina governor Nikki Haley was one of Trump’s opponents on the ballot on Tuesday. Longshot Democrat candidates Marianne Williamson and Minnesota US Representative Dean Phillips provided President Joe Biden with little opposition.

In addition to their delegate collections for respective party conventions this summer, Trump and Biden won their primaries in Connecticut, New York, Wisconsin, and Rhode Island.

Although their wins were not unexpected, they do provide some insight into the level of excitement among core voters toward the forthcoming 2024 rematch.

Activists have pushed for Democrat voters to reject Biden as a sign of their displeasure with his leadership during the Israel and Hamas war.

A report revealed that approximately 47,000 Democrat primary voters in Wisconsin cast “uninstructed” ballots on Tuesday, which is more than double the margin of victory that President Joe Biden had in 2020 in Wisconsin against former President Donald Trump.  Democrats are unhappy with Biden’s leadership, and this discrepancy shows it.

According to polling, Biden’s approval rating on the war between Israel and Hamas is on a declining trend. A recent Gallup poll indicated that just 47% of Democrats favored Biden’s conduct regarding the foreign war. It’s a 13-point drop from October, highlighting a significant obstacle for Biden’s prospects of being reelected.