Trump Tells Florida Protestors to Stay Peaceful

Former President Donald Trump has called upon his supporters in Miami, who are protesting against his indictment, to ensure that the demonstrations continue peacefully. 

He intends to avoid granting victories to opposing political candidates, the corporate media, and federal authorities.

In an exclusive conversation with Roger Stone regarding the planned protests at the Miami courthouse, where Trump was arrested on Tuesday, the 45th President emphasized the importance of peaceful protest. 

Trump expressed that the American people have numerous reasons to protest and encouraged them to do so peacefully. 

He underscored the need for strength within the country, as he believes it is currently being taken away from its people, leaning towards communism and Marxism due to the actions of those in power. 

However, Trump clarified that the American people themselves do not possess such ideologies.

In emphasizing the importance of protests, Former President Donald Trump expressed that there are numerous grievances that warrant the American people’s attention. 

According to Trump, the country has experienced significant losses, including compromised borders, diminished election integrity, and a decline in global respect. 

During Trump’s court appearance in New York City for his indictment by DA Alvin Bragg, the New York Young Republicans Club, headed by Gavin Wax, he organized a peaceful protest in favor of Trump. 

Trump cited this demonstration as an example for other protesters to emulate.

On June 11, 2023, Donald J. Trump stressed the necessity for strength, noting that a prevailing sense of fear and silence hinders action and dialogue. 

He called upon individuals to overcome their apprehensions and engage in peaceful protest to express their concerns effectively. 

According to an unsealed indictment on Friday, Donald Trump allegedly disclosed a Pentagon “plan of attack” and shared a classified map linked to a military operation. 

This document serves as the Justice Department’s initial confirmation of a criminal case against Trump, stemming from possessing numerous documents at his residence in Mar-a-Lago, Florida. 

Additionally, Trump’s associate Walt Nauta, who was captured on surveillance footage removing boxes from Mar-a-Lago, also faces charges regarding the case.