Taxpayer-Funded Rent Subsidies for Migrants Slammed by Michigan GOP

Legislators from the Republican Party in Michigan are expressing concern about certain aspects of the state’s illegal immigrant rental subsidy program, which provides landlords with up to $500 in support for housing illegal migrants.

The government is offering homeowners $500 a month in exchange for their agreement to accept so-called refugees, according to the website of The Office of Global Michigan.

The program’s proponents in Democrat Governor Gretchen Whitmer’s administration claim it would aid recently arrived migrants in their search for low-cost housing and subsequent integration into society.

Households that qualify as refugees or other newcomer populations can receive up to $500 monthly in rental assistance for up to 12 months through a program that her administration secretly began last October without consulting the state legislature. Eligibility is determined by household income and immigration status.

This suggests that the payment may be available to foreign nationals who sought asylum after crossing the border illegally to prevent deportation.

Applicants must offer a written justification if they cannot provide financial documents such as a pay stub or bank statement that attest to their income. One option available to them is a cash payment plan.

In the wake of a woman’s murder last month reportedly committed by an illegal immigrant in Michigan, Michigan House Republican Leader Matt Hall spearheaded efforts to raise awareness about the subsidy program.

According to Hall, in his interview with Fox News Digital, these policies are what bring illegal immigrants into the state. Some of them are narcotics dealers, and others are committing other crimes. They’ll go to the locations that provide benefits. They won’t face any consequences, including deportation or questions about their immigration status.

The number of migrants who have benefited from this program after illegally crossing the border and claiming asylum to avoid deportation is unknown. A letter was sent to the governor’s office last week by Hall and Joe Aragona, a Republican from Clinton Township and the vice chair of the Housing Subcommittee. The letter demanded an in-depth account of the recipients, with a particular focus on those who claimed asylum only after being found to be in the U.S. illegally.

According to Hall, the governor’s office has not responded to inquiries.