Supporters Flee After AOC’s Insane Comments On Inflation

Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez (D-NY) came under fire last month when she shared a video claiming that the government misinformed the American people about inflation.

The Aotearoa Liberation League of New Zealand released a film in which they slammed stockholders’ hunger for profit at the expense of the general public.

According to the film, living costs continue to rise as retailers reap record profits. Separating these two realities is essential to the capitalist’s mission. Therefore, they use the idea of inflation.

The video said that we are fooled by misinformation about inflation and living expenses to the point that we don’t realize that businesses set prices. It’s just a bunch of greedy stockholders running the show.

In response to Ocasio-Cortez’s assertions on inflation, a 41-year-old CNA and mother of three kids spoke out, calling into doubt AOC’s sanity. The woman asked if AOC had recently visited a supermarket. Perhaps she might learn more about how to assist people if she lived in the projects for a while, the woman mused.

She said she has to work two jobs because otherwise, she and her family would starve to death.
A former Bronx schoolteacher of Hispanic descent said AOC does not reflect authentic Hispanic values and beliefs. She does not embody the typical family values held by Puerto Ricans. And for her to pretend that the government is not to blame for inflation while she wears a $30,000 gala dress is pretty tough to witness.

She ultimately decided that AOC did not belong in Congress. She is doing more harm than good with her words and policies.

A 55-year-old guy said he had to withdraw money from his 401(k) plan because the difficulties of the last several years have been unprecedented. He discovered that a hundred dollars didn’t go very far when shopping. Why AOC isn’t taking this issue more seriously is “beyond him.”