Pope Likens South American Migrants To ‘Suffering Flesh of Christ’

In contemporary times, the United States has been engulfed in a “cold” cultural war. Things in America have been tumultuous as conservatives and progressives continue to battle for the identity of the nation. Over the last several years, progressive Democrats have mobilized activists across the nation and pushed radical ideologies in every aspect of society. In recent times, activists have pushed for the removal of statues of historic significance. Initially, confederate statues were highly targeted, but over past years it appears that no American figure is safe. In Manhattan, Teddy Roosevelts statue was removed from the front of the museum of natural history after being deemed “racist”.

Another key part of the progressive mantra is the narrative of “climate change”. According to many activists, the fact that the world has been warming over the last few decades and sea levels have been rising means that humanity is on track for catastrophe. In the Catholic Church, Pope Francis decided to weigh in on climate change. This is not the first instance in which the pope has decided to weigh in on political issues; he previously had made comments about Donald Trump’s border wall and opposed its construction.

The pope has been a vocal advocate for political action against “climate change”. In a recent statement, he claimed that It was no longer a question whether or not humans were responsible for its occurrence and condemned those who denied the issue was a real problem. He also openly criticized the western world and the United States in particular, claiming that America was more responsible for global warming than China. The Pope has become a political activist and is using his position to effectively push a political agenda in correlation with the Catholic church. It is no secret that the Pope supports an open border- he recently compared the suffering of illegal migrants flooding the American southern border to the “suffering flesh of Christ”.