Pierre Poilievre Has One Foot In & One Out On LGBTQ Issues

In a recent interview with the National Post, Conservative Party leader Pierre Poilievre reaffirmed his dedication to protecting parental rights, although he refrained from denouncing the LGBT agenda.

If Poilievre were to create a political party, he would name it the “mind your damn business party,” and its members would have complete autonomy over matters of marriage, dating, and childrearing, but that would also include having domain over issues of their children.

Within his larger themes of liberty and the elimination of “gatekeepers,” Poilievre has been prepared to take battles on cultural matters, arguing that governments should allow parents to raise their children as they see fit.

In a recent proposed bill, Premier Blaine Higgs of New Brunswick said that schools should inform parents when their children want to be addressed differently or identify with a different gender. He faced criticism from the LGBT community for revisiting the province’s Gender Identity policy, which permitted schools to conceal children’s “transgender” status from parents.

Poilievre is in favor of the bill introduced by Higgs.

August saw the announcement of new laws in Saskatchewan, including the right to opt out of sex education, the need that parents be told if their child wishes to identify as a different name or “gender,” and the prohibition of third-party presentations by organizations like Planned Parenthood.

Poilievre thinks Justin Trudeau ought to step aside and let parents raise their children and that the prime minister should not try to force his ideals on others but rather maintain an effective administration. Poilievre has been relatively liberal on several social issues while in power, notwithstanding his “you do you” attitude. His recent public advocacy for the couple’s pro-abortion beliefs and his outspoken endorsement of gay “marriage” have both garnered him widespread attention.

Despite the Million Person March for Children’s efforts to end LGBT indoctrination in schools, Poilievre was conspicuously absent and even had his office instruct his caucus not to comment on the cause.

Many on the internet blamed the Conservative leader for being weak and not giving his supporters a chance to unite.