NYC Mayor Admits Criminal Activity Of Illegals

Some of the latest arrivals of illegal immigrants to New York City are involved in a “robbery pattern,” according to Democrat Mayor Eric Adams.

According to him, foreign nationals are breaking the law in the city.

He hastily clarified that the city’s criminal activities, including the rise in grand larceny auto, are caused by more than only illegal migrants. There are a lot of criminal migrants here. According to Adams, there are a handful of criminals who are not immigrants.

Reports show that since 2022, around 161,000 migrants, primarily from Venezuela, have poured into New York City. 50% of these individuals are now under the city’s supervision. The city has slashed the budget of every municipal agency, including sanitation, public schools, and police. Additional shelters have opened due to the problem.

Adams estimated the city would lose $12 billion due to the flood of migrants.

Adams and Kathy Hochul, the Democrat governor of New York, have both been to Washington, D.C., to personally petition the Biden administration for federal assistance.

According to Hochul, the solution to the immigration situation was Biden’s expansion of work authorizations in September, but the approval procedure is still painfully lengthy because of all the red tape.

To alleviate the strain on border communities, southern states have transported thousands of illegals up to New York and other sanctuary cities ruled by Democrats.

Reports show the parents and students of James Madison High School in Brooklyn were informed early in January that their children would no longer be permitted to attend class and would instead be compelled to engage in online “learning” because the school’s gym had been used as a sanctuary for hundreds of undocumented migrants.

The school’s athletic activities, as well as its dances, concerts, and special events, have been canceled under the mayor’s decree.

After Mayor Adams issued an executive order to ban Texas buses from dropping off immigrants without notice, Texas Gov. Greg Abbott (R) exploited the enormous public transportation system.
At least ten buses recently arrived in Secaucus, Edison, Fanwood, and Trenton transit stations. Jersey City officials reported almost 400 illegals being dropped off and given train tickets to NYC.