Nikki Haley Links Teen Suicide To Disturbing Cause

Jake Tapper from CNN questioned Nikki Haley about her apparent suggestion that the presence of transgenders in girls’ locker rooms is responsible for high suicide rates among teenage girls. Haley is a potential Republican candidate for the 2024 presidential election.

On Sunday night, the ex-governor of South Carolina attended a town hall in Iowa moderated by Tapper. During the event, Tapper asked Haley to share her thoughts on the ongoing discussion surrounding the meaning of “woke.” Haley ranted about transgenderism in American society, particularly among the younger generation.

She said one could start with biological males participating in girls’ sports. That was one thing. But now we have gender pronouns being taught to the military. The wants of a small group are being imposed on most Americans, which is too much.

The participation of biological boys in girls’ sports is a significant concern for women today. Haley’s daughter participated in track during high school, and she is unsure how she would even talk with her daughter about it. She asked how we could even try and attempt to persuade daughters to become accustomed to the presence of biological boys in their changing rooms. 

Haley said it’s concerning that a third of teenage girls considered suicide last year.

She said we should encourage them while conducting classes on gender pronouns.

Haley’s remarks are in response to the controversy among conservatives regarding the efforts of businesses and institutions to collaborate with transgender individuals and promote LGBTQ inclusivity.

Halet reminded Tapper that according to the CDC, there had been a rise in thoughts of suicide among young women in recent years, drawing an inference between the current “woke” culture and girls’ depression.

Tapper asked Haley if there was space for the young people’s humanity in the debate. 

Haley argued that transgenderism dominates the conversation, which is unfair to other children.