Minority Focus Group Has Poor Favorability With Biden

A recent focus group of male minority voters suggests that Joe Biden may be in trouble with “men of color,” Politico reported.

When asked to describe their feelings about how things in the country are going, the male participants, all of whom voted for Joe Biden in 2020, used words like “pathetic,” “discouraged,” and “pessimistic.”

The focus group was conducted by HIT Strategies, a liberal public polling firm specializing in surveying “marginalized” voters.

The participants, which consisted of “men of color,” were surveyed on a range of issues, including voting rights, the war in Ukraine, the border crisis, and Donald Trump’s legal problems. But the issue that concerned them the most was the economy.

The men discussed their frustrations over the current economic situation, with one Hispanic man expressing frustration over the money that could be spent at home being sent to other countries like Ukraine.

Another man said the Biden administration’s “mixed messages” on the economy have left him unsure of President Biden’s ability to do the job.

When asked which party was better at handling crime, the economy, and the southern border, the Biden voters gave Democrats a failing grade for each issue.

One man from Los Angeles said he didn’t think either party has his back. However, he did speak favorably about the economy during the Trump presidency. Describing himself as “middle of the road,” the man said he soured on Joe Biden because everything he has done since taking office has fallen short. By comparison, the man said that after Trump took office, “he changed stuff.”

When asked about Trump’s current legal problems and his supposed embrace of white nationalism, the man explained that he could overlook some things “if you’re getting the job done.”

Another man said while he isn’t sure if he will vote for Biden again in 2024, he will not vote for Donald Trump or any other GOP nominee.