Migrants Undeterred By Razor Wire, Biden’s Policies

Neither the Biden administration’s policies nor Texas’ installation of barbed wire fencing is deterring illegal immigrants from trying to cross into the United States.

Despite major struggles in getting into the U.S. – and the fact that it is illegal – migrants continue to try to make their way through or over the concertina wire that Texas installed to prevent them from coming in.

Dire scenes where women and children and crossing in through the country’s border with Mexico are now becoming a happening daily near Eagle Pass, Texas – one of the state’s most active border towns.

Smugglers there, as well as in a remote section in Arizona near Tucson, have cut through the wire fencing and border wall to make it easier for migrants to make their way into America.
CBS News recently obtained federal data that showed there has been a huge spike in border crossings in the last week. In five weekdays last week, almost 50,000 illegal immigrants were processed by Border Patrol agents. Daily apprehensions were more than 10,000 on three different occasions, which is a huge increase from the average of 6,400 that happened in November.
About 1,500 more migrants get processed every day at official border crossings through a smartphone app that the Biden administration created.

At Eagle Pass, The Del Rio sector of Border Patrol has processed more than 4,000 illegal immigrants in a 24-hour period recently. That’s a record-setting number for the region, according to internal data that CBS News reviews.

As Manuel Mello, the fire chief of Eagle Pass who began his career in local firefighting 30 years ago, said:

“Illegal border crossings have always happened. Groups of 10, 12 – that was a large group. But, now you see 3,000 and 4,000 in one day. I never thought something like this could happen.”
All of this has put an enormous strain on local and federal resources in these communities and others such as Jacumba Hot Springs in California. Then, once the migrants have entered the country, they’ve made their way to large liberal-led cities such as New York, Chicago and Denver, putting an enormous strain on resources there as well.

As a result, Democrats have found their backs against the wall as they look to make a case that they should be elected, despite the fact that their party is largely responsible for the mess at the southern border.

It’s gotten so far out of control that Democrats in the Senate, as well as top Biden administration officials in the White House, are listening to congressional Republicans about their ideas for putting asylum limits in place and expanding both deportations and detention beds. All of this is being done as part of negotiations to send more military and financial aid to Ukraine.
These negotiations are still going on in Congress, but it’s possible that a deal could be reached over the next weeks.