Mark Levin Warns AM Radio Is Being Replaced In Liberal Plot

Last month, Axios reported that auto manufacturers are eliminating the AM radio band from electric vehicles, prompting concerns from federal officials since AM radio is used by local, state, and federal officials to communicate with the public during emergencies and natural disasters.

According to automakers, the electric motor in EVs interferes with AM frequencies which causes faded signals and buzzing noises.

Automakers defend the move by noting that consumers have largely moved away from radio for news and information. They have suggested that the government’s emergency management system should adapt to using newer technologies, Axios reported.

But on his radio broadcast last Friday, conservative talk show host Mark Levin gave a bizarre explanation for why AM radio is being removed from cars, namely to target conservative talk radio.

While discussing the government’s push to force Americans to purchase electric vehicles, Levin described the automobile as “essential to liberty,” explaining that cars are about “being able to go where you want, when you want.” He said automobiles are “about freedom,” making them “absolutely crucial.” So if the government can control automobiles, it can control the people’s freedom, Levin added.

Levin noted that Ford recently announced that it would be eliminating AM radio, as did BMW.

He acknowledged the automakers’ argument that AM radio interferes with the electric motor, but suggested that “they” have figured out how to go after conservative talk radio.

He said now those who oppose conservative talk radio aren’t targeting it through the FCC, boycotts, or legislation. Instead, they are attacking it at the manufacturing level, by eliminating AM radio from automobiles since most conservative talk shows appear on AM.

He said the decision to eliminate AM from automobiles is “aimed at people like me” by preventing ordinary Americans from tuning in while driving their cars.