Jim Edmonds Takes A Stand Against Woke Baseball Team Names

The former all-star and golden glove major league baseball star player and Cardinals broadcaster Jim Edmonds sparked controversy by expressing his opinion that sports teams with Native American nicknames, like Indians and Redskins, were “cool.”

Edmonds, 53, was in the broadcast booth for the St. Louis Cardinals’ game versus the Houston Astros. In the bottom half of the seventh inning, he talked about messages he had received on social media from fans over the recent push for teams to change their names for having Native American monikers.

Edmonds clarified that he was perfectly fine with baseball teams having mascots depicting American Indians. He believes it is a good thing.

He said he always thought it was kind of a “cool thing,” not a bad thing, to have a team named after Indians, like the Washington Redskins.

While some defended Edmonds’ opinion, others criticized his comments as problematic. What social media keyboard warrior labeled him a “garbage human being.”

Edmonds mentioned that he received several messages on social media regarding specific teams. He found it amusing when people would contact him and express their love for baseball in their respective areas. He said somebody would say they wish they “had the old name they used to have.” 

He said it was funny to hear other people’s opinions.

Uninterested in the diversity of thought, the intolerant left came out in full force and heavily criticized Edmonds.

The Washington organization made significant changes in 2020 to address the highly vocal minority opinion about the racially insensitive nature of its name and branding.

Of course, Edmonds’ point of view aligns with what 9 out of 10 Native Americans believe. 

According to a 2016 Washington Post poll, most Native Americans did not find the term Redskin offensive. But, in the end, the left didn’t care what Native Americans wanted or thought. They are the “white saviors” and “white Gods” for the POC.

Edmonds mentioned on the broadcast that his wife is part native American.