“Highly Credible” FBI Source Steps Forward

FBI Director Christopher Wray has caved to a congressional subpoena and will release an unclassified paper to lawmakers next Monday. A representative for the House Oversight Committee said that the panel is also proceeding with its intention to find the FBI in contempt of Congress.

During the Obama administration, the FBI received information from a “highly credible” source who made allegations of a $5 million bribery conspiracy involving then-Vice President Joe Biden.

FBI agents interviewed the source and now have a document describing a deal in which a foreign national paid Vice President Joe Biden money in exchange for influence over U.S. foreign policy.

An anonymous source reported that the informant who created the dossier documenting charges against then-Vice President Joe Biden was a longtime FBI source with a history as far back as the Obama administration.

The source further stated that the informant has been highly credible and consistently used by the FBI.

After legal disclosures in May to Chuck Grassley, the Republican senator from Iowa, James Comer obtained a subpoena to retrieve the document from the FBI.

President Biden’s son, Hunter, has had international business dealings, which had been seen as a potential conflict of interest for his father as early as 2015. Hunter was appointed to the Ukrainian energy business Burisma board when his father was in government, earning $83,333 per month despite having no experience in the field.

However, the vice president’s office ignored such concerns, and the problem was never rectified. In addition to Chinese business contacts, Hunter Biden introduced his father to others worldwide.

Following the example established by the left in the impeachment trial of President Donald Trump after he was out of office, Biden could be impeached retroactively.

The DOJ is seemingly uninterested in finding out who the “big guy” is who is referenced in Hunter Biden’s emails. The “big guy” collects a cut of the money Hunter and his cronies receive in exchange for influence peddling.

If Biden is the “big guy,” he would undoubtedly deserve to be removed from office, or worse.

Biden enjoys Democrat privilege.