Haunting Revelations From Inside Moscow’s Terror Stadium

Tragically, four gunmen opened fire on the Crocus City Hall music hall in Moscow, causing the deaths of at least 133 individuals and wounding hundreds more. This assault killed more Russians than any other since the Beslan school siege of 2004.

In the Bryansk region, around 340 km southwest of Moscow, eleven individuals, including the four suspected assailants, were apprehended by the Federal Security Service (FSB) on their way to the border where they intended to seek refuge in Ukraine. Kyiv has categorically denied being involved in the attack.

The males, armed and wearing camouflage, rode into Crocus City Hall in a minivan at around 7:40 p.m. (1640 GMT), sprang out of the rear door, and approached the front entrance brandishing their guns. While attempting to flee to Ukraine, Russian officials apprehended four individuals they believe were responsible for the crime. More than a hundred concertgoers were hurt in the incident, which left the venue on the western fringe of Moscow a burning wreck and resulted in the arrest of eleven individuals, according to President Vladimir Putin.

One suspect said on camera that he was recruited by an unnamed assistant to an Islamic cleric via a messaging app and paid to take part in the raid; other suspects were detained and interrogated in the recordings published by Russian media. Four guys armed with automatic rifles, a handgun, knives, and firebombs attacked, according to a fresh statement released by the organization through Aamaq. According to the report, the attackers opened fire on the audience and murdered many concertgoers with knives. The raid was framed as a battle against nations that ISIS claims are opposing Islam.