Guy Fieri Cancels Appearance At Garth Brooks Concert

A recent report from the Dunning-Kruger-Times has alleged that country music superstar Garth Brooks had made a reservation at one of Chef Guy Fieri’s restaurants and said that he would be “bringing a camera crew and to have plenty of Bud Light ready.” 

After being told by a manager that Brooks was setting up a “gotcha moment,” the report states that Fieri called to cancel the musician’s appointment. Management said that Fieri called Brooks and told him there are two things he refuses to serve– Bud Light and Garth Brooks.

Some people are upset that Bud Light worked with transgender influencer Dylan Mulvaney on a minor sponsor deal. Several conservative politicians, such as Texas Representative Dan Crenshaw, have criticized Mulvaney and his endorsement deal with Bud Light. Musicians Kid Rock, Travis Tritt, and John Rich have all come out publicly to express their distaste for Bud Light due to the partnership, leading to calls for a boycott.

When his establishment, Friends in Low Places Honky Tonk, opens later this summer in Nashville’s trendy South Broadway District, Brooks has stated that he will not ban the brew. According to him, the ideal community has a sense of order and mutual respect among its members.

Despite the Fieri/Brooks incident being fabricated, several Twitter users have commended Fieri for canceling the celebrity’s reservation at his restaurant. While discussing the news, one user said, “Now cancel Garth too.” 

Fieri recently met and welcomed former President Donald Trump at a UFC event in Las Vegas.

The Dunning-Kruger-Times website published a satirical piece alleging investors had pulled out of the bar project because of Brooks’ comments on Bud Light. At this time, no evidence suggests that Brooks’ bar will not be opening. 

Dunning-Kruger-Times’ “about us” page explicitly notes that the publication is satirical and that any resemblances between the site’s pure fiction and genuine individuals, locations, or events are coincidental.