Mothers of Miss Teen USA and Miss USA Allege ‘Ill-Treatment’

There has been some public commentary from the moms of previous Miss USA and Miss Teen USA contestants on the reasons for their daughters’ resignations.

Just one day after each other last week, the two pageant queens announced their resignations.

The titleholders’ decision to stand aside was supported last week by Miss USA and Miss Teen USA, with both organizations promising to name a successor.

The charges of abuse and bullying have gone unanswered by Miss Universe, the organization in charge of the sister pageants.

The two moms, who are both legally bound by non-disclosure agreements (NDAs), spoke up on Tuesday because they wanted to protect their kids.

Jackeline Voigt, whose daughter Noelia was crowned Miss USA, and Barbara Srivastava, mother of Miss Teen USA UmaSofia, Srivastava, have been speaking out.

Ms. Srivastava said on the show that they could not continue this charade within their families.

Their claims that their children had been ill-treated, abused, bullied, and cornered prompted them to demand an apology from the Miss Universe group.

First to step down on May 6th, Noelia Voigt cited difficulties with her mental health as the reason for her resignation.

Speculation among her admirers centered on coded words in a note on social media that seemed to spell out “I am silenced.”

Claudia Michelle, the social media director of Miss USA, resigned from the company three days before Noelia Voigt’s announcement, stating that titleholders should be heard and not silenced, and cited workplace toxicity and bullying as reasons.

Miss Teen USA UmaSofia Srivastava’s resignation came just one day after that of Noelia Voigt. Also, on Instagram, the 17-year-old announced her departure from the contest, stating that her values no longer fully align with those of the headquarters.

Because they do not want anybody else to go through what their kids went through, the two moms demanded that all Miss USA-affiliated pageants immediately discontinue participation.

Also not interested in the title is 19-year-old Stephanie Skinner, who placed second in Miss Teen USA.