Greta Thunberg Fined For Disobeying Police

Greta Thunberg was fined in her native Sweden for disobeying orders from the police. The 20-year-old climate activist participated in a protest in the southern Swedish city of Malmo, where she and others blocked the path of trucks trying to access the city’s port. When ordered by police to leave, the protestors refused and were subsequently detained. Thunberg appeared in court on July 24 and was fined 1,500 Swedish Kronor (around $144).

Thunberg said to reporters afterward, “It’s correct that I was at that place on that day, and it’s correct that I received an order that I didn’t listen to, but I want to deny the crime. According to me, we are in an emergency, and then due to that, my action was legitimate.”

Her comments echo the latest pronouncements from world leaders that the planet is now in a state of impending disaster. UN Secretary-General António Guterres has said the earth has shifted from global warming to “global boiling.” He declared that July is the hottest month ever recorded, but there is still time to prevent calamity with “immediate and dramatic” action.

Meanwhile, Hillary Clinton blamed the natural changes to the earth’s atmosphere on Donald Trump supporters. She tweeted, “Hot enough for you? Thank a MAGA Republican.” Her remarks were met with almost-universal derision as many people reiterated their belief that climate change is not man-made and is exploited by the powerful to remove the freedoms of the masses. 

One Twitter user posted, “Democrat communist extremists have been pushing the climate change scam for a long time,” alongside a video of Al Gore issuing dire warnings decades ago.

In 2021, 30,000 scientists agreed that doom does not await us. That’s the number of climate and weather professionals who said there was no emergency, and throughout most of history, the planet was warmer than it is today. A survey of members of the American Meteorological Society found that only 30% said they have concerns about rising temperatures.