GOP Governor Requests “Aggressive” Bans

( Republican Governor Kristi Noem is urging other Republican governors throughout the country to follow the lead of her South Dakota to pass very strict abortion bans now that the Supreme Court has overturned the landmark Roe v. Wade decision.

Speaking with CBS recently, Noem said that she was hoping other GOP-led states would “take the action” to make abortion illegal in just about every circumstance. The only exception she provided that she’d be OK with is if the mother’s life were to be in danger due to the pregnancy.

When the Roe decision was overturned by the Supreme Court last June, South Dakota was one of the conservative states that had triggers laws that immediately went into effect banning abortions.

Noem said these South Dakota laws are “leading the way” in helping to protect unborn babies’ lives. She then called out the Republican governors of other states, such as Ron DeSantis of Florida, to do the same thing.

Ian Fury, a spokesperson for Noem, recently said that DeSantis was “hiding behind a 15-week ban” instead of pushing for restrictions that would be much tighter. Noem was asked about those comments during her CBS appearance.

She responded:

“A lot of people talk and say a lot of things to grab headlines and make broad statements. I prefer to take action and to do things that actually protect life.

“I’m proud of South Dakota and how aggressive we’ve been to make sure that we are protecting each and every single life that is precious, and that we continue to lead by example.”

She said she’d “nudge” GOP governors such as DeSantis to “do what they can to back up their pro-life record.” She continued:

I think that talking about situations and making statements is incredibly important, but also taking action and governing and bringing policies to protect life are even more important, because that’s what truly will save lives.”

In speaking about DeSantis further, Noem said his views about abortion could become significant on a national level very soon. DeSantis has often been mentioned as a likely GOP candidate for president in 2024.

Noem herself has also been floated as a possible presidential candidate in two years. Neither governor has officially announced their intentions on whether they plan to run or not.

If Noem decides not to run for president, she would likely be a popular pick for running mate for either Trump or DeSantis. And her views on abortion, in that case, would be very pertinent, as they’d be front-and-center in the national political scene.

Noem downplayed ambitions for the White House. She told CBS she’s “not convinced” that she needs to run for president, and is only focused on helping out South Dakota right now. She said:

“But, I also believe that this country needs somebody to lead us that has a vision, that appreciates the freedoms that this country provides to the people that live here, and really does want to protect them and our constitutional rights going forward.”