Fani Willis Slammed For Feeding Too Much To Media

Democratic strategist Karen Finney urged Fani Willis, the district attorney for Fulton County, to avoid speaking to the media in the days before Thursday’s court hearing on former President Trump’s alleged influence on the Georgia election.

The former Clinton campaign advisor voiced her worries about Willis and her defense of her romance with former prosecutor Nathan Wade.

She said it would be beneficial for her to tone down her tone and keep her focus on her responsibility to prosecute this case. Instead of focusing on giving interviews, Finney hopes Fani prioritizes pursuing the case and maintains a high level of professionalism in court.

After their past romance became public knowledge, Willis was forced to recuse special prosecutor Nathan Wade from the election meddling prosecution. By order of Judge Scott McAfee, Willis was required to remove Wade or withdraw her interest from the lawsuit.

After Wade resigned from the lawsuit, Willis spoke out in favor of her and their relationship.

Willis, on CNN, said that she does not think her reputation needs any repair. She said her involvement with Wade is perhaps the gravest transgression she’s committed and refuses to let it bring her shame.

Willis has promised that her team will continue at their current pace, even if the Trump case is delayed by two months.

Donna Brazile, a Democratic consultant, said that Willis had “bad judgment” in her connection with Wade, which prompted Finney to speak out and warn Willis.

Brazile said that as a public official, she is subject to a great deal of public scrutiny. This is a component of the agreement.

According to Fox5 Atlanta, the former president’s lawyer has filed a brief arguing that the allegations against him by Fani Willis violate the First Amendment rights of the former president by making it illegal for him to engage in political speech and advocacy.