Dems GIVING UP – Prepared to LOSE?

Democratic strategists who claim insider knowledge of the Biden campaign have admitted that former President Trump’s chances of re-election are looking pretty good. If he pulls it off, it would mark one of the greatest political comebacks in American history. He would become only the second President in history to serve non-consecutive terms—the other was Grover Cleveland.

Democrats may be right to worry. March saw Trump win five significant victories that put him firmly on the path to a triumphant return the White House:

He won a bond reduction in his ongoing New York trial. He now is obligated to a mere $175 million instead of the original $454 million.

He won a victory in the Florida presidential primary.

He successfully brought Truth Social to an IPO (Initial Public Offering).

He endorsed Bernie Moreno, a Republican Senate candidate from Ohio who then wondered his own primary.

He won an appeal to a ruling denying Fani Willis’s disqualification.

John Morgan, a Democratic fundraiser, said that the Democrats are preparing for a loss in the presidential election. A successful Central Florida lawyer, Morgan said that Biden’s current position makes him very nervous. He added that at this point in the 2016 campaign there were no worries among Democratic strategists, and this worry led them to neglect Michigan and Wisconsin. He implies that their current cagey stance turns the contest into a “jump ball.”

Biden’s campaign manager Julie Chavez Rodriguez is also braced for a November loss, saying that a November win for Trump would produce fallout that would be damaging for American politics and devastating for American communities. She also said it would present great danger for the policies that the Biden administration has worked to enact.

James Carville, campaign manager for Former President Clinton in 1992 has also expressed his worries about Trump’s strong showing, noting that Trump now leads Biden in six of the seven most important swing states.