Dems FAILING Their Own Supporters!

Victor Davis Hanson, senior fellow of Stanford University’s Hoover Institute, appeared on Fox News to argue a “big win” is potentially in the cards for former President Donald Trump—assuming Trump capitalizes on what Hanson sees as catastrophic campaign messaging from Joe Biden.

Hanson made an April 1 appearance on the Fox News show The Ingraham Angle” to share his thoughts on the how the Biden 2024 campaign may be fumbling its messaging on top issues, including economic and immigration matters.

When asked by Laura Ingraham, the program’s host, about his opinion on the attempt by Democratic commentators to blame the campaign’s messaging on Biden’s record-low approval ratings.

Hanson expressed doubt that the Biden campaign has a solid constituency left after recent moves such as denying the amount and impact of inflation and failing to stem the unprecedented flood of illegal immigrants at the border. The combination of high inflation, poor leadership, and a floundering economy reminded Hanson of nothing so much as the lead up to the 1980 election, when Ronald Reagan defeated Jimmy Carter in one of the biggest electoral landslides in history.

As long as Trump can manage to stick to an agenda, he will be the candidate who symbolizes a return to normalcy. If Trump can do that, and Biden continues on as he’s been going, Trump should win by a landslide, Hanson said.

Hanson’s comments come in the wake of Biden’s attendance at a New York City campaign fundraiser, which provoked a backlash as the event took place the same day as the funeral as Jonathan Diller, a New York Police Department officer who was recently slain in the line of duty. The President directed condolences and sympathy to the officer’s family during his remarks, but he was upstaged by former President Trump’s decision to attend the funeral.

Another backlash quickly followed as the White House celebrated the Transgender Day of Visibility on Easter Sunday.