Democrat Dark Money Found Behind SCOTUS Watchdogs

An investigative report shows that Democrats’ most extensive dark money network sent millions to Supreme Court watchdog organizations demanding that conservative justices divulge their income last year.

Arabella Advisors, which handled an anonymously financed network that spent over a billion dollars last year supporting far-left causes, coordinated payments for supposedly unbiased monitoring groups.

Payments targeting Supreme Court Justices Samuel Alito and Clarence Thomas for vacations and gifts, which they did not need to declare, were revealed Wednesday.

The Supreme Court revealed its first ethics code last week.

Last Monday, a report revealed that Arabella Advisors, with its five charitable funds, received 1.35 billion dollars from anonymous contributors in 2022. While dominating the elections, the consulting business donated $937 million to leftist groups and political campaigns. Arabella spent roughly $500 million more on its grassroots left-wing activism network.

Reports show subpoenas were sent to Arabella Advisors and its biggest clients in October by Democrat Brian Schwalb, the DC attorney general, seeking information about claims of financial malfeasance.

Conservative Judicial Crisis Network President Carrie Severino told a media source that Arabella Advisors and the dark money organizations it advises use pop-up front entities to disguise their radical agenda as locally run or neutral. Their attempt to undermine originalist judges is unsurprising.

Republicans maintained that Democrats were mainly responding to conservative-dominated court rulings, such as repealing the national abortion right.

In a letter citing ProPublica’s reporting on Justice Thomas’ travel with businessman Harlan Crow, Accountable.US, another Democrat-staffed watchdog, called for Justice Thomas’ resignation.
Republicans denied wrongdoing, as there were no travel disclosure regulations at the time.

According to financial records, Arabella’s subsidiary, New Venture Fund, gave Accountable.US over $2 million in 2022 for social action, human rights, and advocacy.

A report showed that in 2022, the Campaign for Accountability (CFA) received $450,000 from the New Venture Fund. The Open Society Foundations, run by liberal millionaire George Soros, have also given CFA hundreds of millions of cash.

Former General Counsel for the Office of Management and Budget under President Trump, Mark Paoletta, told reporters that leftist organizations lie about being unbiased, decent government watchdogs. They are political propagandists working for their left-wing billionaire patrons, who have ordered these front organizations to fabricate ethical scandals to weaken Supreme Court confidence and target constitutionalist judges.