Dem Lawmaker Blasted For Profanity-Laden Insults

A Wisconsin state senator has come under fire after getting a little too crass during her fiery speech on the floor of the Wisconsin state Senate.

During a fiery speech voicing her opinion on the rampant crime facing inner cities, state Senator LaTonya Johnson, a Democrat, erupted and said “F*ck the suburbs,” after objecting to a measure that would increase funding for police due to increased city crime spilling over into suburban areas.

After her expletive, she declared that suburban people do not know a “goddamn thing” about what it is like to live in crime-ridden inner cities. Kayleigh McEnany, co-host of Fox News’ “Outnumbered,” called the condescending statements a “basket of deplorables moment,” referring to when former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton said that many of Trump’s supporters belong in a “basket of deplorables.”

McEnany said that Johnson’s remarks were similarly condescending, calling her comments “dumb,” as suburban women tend to be a powerful voting bloc that have historically given Democrats the competitive edge in elections.

The outrage spread even further to Steve Schuster, editor-in-chief of the Wisconsin Law Journal, who published an editorial condemning the senator’s remarks, saying that she should resign. 

In the editorial, Schuster said that various Milwaukee suburbs, such as the Wauwatosa, Shorewood and St. Francis communities are on the “front lines” of crime just like any other part of the city. He also said that the same predicament is true for other cities such as Chicago or Baltimore, where crime is known to spill out into neighboring suburban communities.

Johnson’s colleague, state Senator Francesca Hong, also a Democrat, defended her remarks on Twitter, saying that she “spoke passionately” about defending the communities she was elected to represent. She then placed the blame on Wisconsin Republicans, declaring that they will have to answer for “legislating racism,” adding that such events warrant “real talk,” which is supposedly her justification for Johnson’s spewing of expletives on the state senate floor.