Clinton Foundation Prepares To Get Involved In Ukraine

The Clinton Global Initiative is getting back together this week in New York after a hiatus of six years to kick off a massive humanitarian endeavor in war-torn Ukraine.

The CGI Ukraine Action Network would facilitate and fund pledges to Ukraine from the country’s international allies and the world’s incoming leaders.

The organization claims to have initiated 3,900 action pledges in 190 countries since its inception in 2005.

Former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton and Ukrainian First Lady Olena Zelenska are behind the new network, which will involve “monetary pledges” to Ukraine.

In a letter to the CGI community, the Clintons explained the theme of this year’s conference is about what it takes “to keep going” and how to keep working toward a better world despite setbacks.

The “threats to democracy around the world” and unprecedented refugee displacement will also be discussed at this year’s forum alongside the situation in Ukraine and other global hotspots.

The letter stated the focus will be on “what we can achieve, not what we can’t,” and will show how even modest efforts, performed collectively, can change the tide on even our most intractable difficulties.

More than 140 Commitments to Action were made by CGI last year to help with things like healthcare access, sustainability, job creation, and refugee resettlement, according to the organization.

Carolina Garcia Jayaram, CEO of the Elevate Prize Foundation, said that Malala Yousafzai, who received the Nobel Peace Prize in 2018, will be the recipient of the Elevate Prize Catalyst Award in 2023.

Jayaram said the essential element she loves about CGI is making a real-time commitment on stage and asking the people in the audience, both in person and remotely, to do the same. In her opinion, being in the same room as many leaders and agents of change and simultaneously making such pledges is inspiring. More and more individuals will be inspired to take action as a result.