Biden’s “Special Counsel” Is Married to An Obama Devotee

Joe Biden’s special counsel who is heading up the Miami classified document charges leveled against former President Trump, is a relatively unknown figure named Jack Smith. 

Born John Lumen Smith, he has ties to various influential individuals and organizations. Smith’s wife, Katy Chevigny, is a film director who created a documentary called “Becoming,” which presents a favorable portrayal of the Obama family and features notable figures such as Valerie Jarrett, Barack Obama, Michelle Obama, and Oprah Winfrey. 

In September 2020, Chevigny contributed $1,000 to both the Biden Victory Fund and Biden’s presidential campaign.

Additionally, she made multiple small donations to the Democratic fundraising platform ActBlue and to the far-left-leaning political organization,

Smith is a longtime federal prosecutor and previously served as the Chief Prosecutor at the Kosovo Specialist Chambers in the Hague, the Netherlands. 

As a result of his work abroad, he has spent minimal time in the United States in recent years, choosing to live overseas instead. Smith’s appointment to lead investigations into the former President was made by Attorney-General Merrick Garland last year.

It is worth noting that Smith’s family has a number of connections to billionaires George Soros and Hillary Clinton. 

Bell Chevigny, Smith’s late mother-in-law, was a Senior Justice Fellow at the Open Society Foundation run by George Soros.

The New World Foundation made donations to the Human Rights Defense Center while Chevigny served on the board of directors.

The New World Foundation is a liberal New York-based organization closely associated with Hillary Clinton. 

Smith’s father-in-law, Paul, is a NYU School of Law professor. 

He has been known for his critical views on law enforcement, particularly following the 9/11 terror attacks, where he blamed Americans for the “harassment of people because of their Arab or Muslim connections.”

Overall, Jack Smith’s background and connections may be unfamiliar to many. However, it does create some suspicion as to Biden and Smith’s possible political motives for moving on the Trump case.