Biden Asks “Where’s The Money” In Response To Bribery Claims

Rep. Nancy Mace (R-South Carolina) accused President Joe Biden of “selling out the country” by accepting bribes. 

Republicans in Congress, led by the chairman of the House Oversight Committee, James Comer (R-KY), assert that the FBI possesses a document indicating that an informant provided information regarding Biden possibly receiving a bribe in his capacity as vice president. 

Biden has issued a denial about the charge. On Thursday, following the conclusion of a joint appearance at the White House with the Prime Minister of the United Kingdom, the media yelled questions at the President as an announcer instructed everyone in attendance to stay seated until the delegations exited the East Room.

Biden then deadpanned, “I’m supposed to walk off the stage now,” which prompted laughs from everyone in the room. Despite this, a reporter who was not visible was able to get his question in.

The reporter said that Congresswoman Nancy Mace stated that the FBI has documented incriminating evidence indicating that Biden sold the country out by taking a bribe.

“Do you have a response,” the reporter asked.

“Where’s the money?” Biden said exceptionally inappropriately. He quickly said he was kidding and called everything “malarkey.”

Comer’s colleague on the Oversight Committee, Representative Dan Goldman of New York, a Democrat who also serves on the committee, has described the claim against Biden as “complete garbage.”

The Republican Party has long maintained that Joe Biden, while serving as Vice President, exerted pressure on the government of Ukraine to dismiss a prosecutor looking into an energy business on the board on which his son Hunter Biden worked. There is a video of Biden describing his play for pay scheme. In it, Biden says he threatened to hold back aid to Ukraine unless the country fired their lead prosecutor (who was looking into corruption at a firm, Burisma, that Hunter Biden was inexplicably paid hundreds of thousands of dollars as a consultant.)

Where is the special counsel?