Biden Admits To Killing Coal Industry In Public Statement

While the United States continues to struggle with energy issues, President Joe Biden bragged at a Wednesday speech in Chicago, Illinois, that no new coal-fired power plants would be built.

In the video of his address, Biden boasted that the administration’s economic and energy policies had discouraged the construction of new coal-fired power plants while praising the benefits of green energy technologies. His comments come a month after a report from the North American Electric Reliability Corporation, published in May 2023, warned that if temperatures this summer are above average, the power grids serving most of the Northeast and a majority of people to the West of the Mississippi face the high possibility of rolling blackouts.

Biden said the price is decreasing all the time. Wind and solar energy are cheaper than fossil fuels. He wants to make new coal-fired power plants illegal in the United States. Biden claims the price is excessive. 

The President continued by remarking that solar energy is not limited to any region, and the U.S. also used to be a central hub for manufacturing solar panels. 

He said America will be returning for a second round, and this time, will take the helm.

Biden has said that the United States investment in renewable energy technologies will help cut carbon emissions and bring down the price of wind power in collaboration with other countries.

The Biden administration has heavily regulated the fossil fuel industry, while billions of dollars have been spent on green energy schemes and subsidies.

According to data from the U.S. Energy Information Administration, in 2021, coal, natural gas, and petroleum produced about 80% of the energy consumed by Americans, while solar and wind energy combined to supply less than 5% of the energy consumed. A high-ranking official with the Federal Energy Regulatory Commission (FERC) expressed concern in early June that “dire” and “catastrophic consequences” might occur if the Biden administration continued to push for the end of fossil fuels before green energy was able to feed the U.S. power grid adequately.

If elected president in 2019, Biden “guaranteed” that his government would end the use of fossil fuels.