Zelensky Claims NATO Troops Safe As Long As Ukraine Stands

In his intervention into the continuing controversy over French President Emmanuel Macron’s remarks about sending NATO forces against Moscow, President Zelensky stated that Westerners would not be sent to fight against Russia if Ukraine’s army is kept from being defeated.

Ukraine’s President Volodymyr Zelensky addressed President Emmanuel Macron’s contentious comments during an interview with the French station BFMTV, saying that additional NATO engagement should not be ruled out and that nothing is off-limits when it comes to battling Putin’s Russia. Despite assurances from other national and military officials, the remarks have sown panic throughout the NATO alliance in the last several weeks.

Zelensky said that as long as Ukraine can fight Russia on its behalf, Europeans shouldn’t be worried about becoming involved. This is just another opportunity for the leader to reiterate his often-repeated claim that Europe can avert a broader conflict by providing more funding and weaponry to Kyiv.

The Ukrainian president made it plain that he was open to allowing Western military deployment to his nation. He appeared satisfied to quell the heated debate in Europe about NATO’s future assistance for Ukraine, all the while gently pushing his own cause and the significance of ongoing backing. NATO may send support troops instead of combat forces to confront Russia.

The interview was also an opportunity for Zelensky to discuss the war’s overall trajectory from his perspective, with the commander announcing that his soldiers had halted the Russian advance during late winter. Additionally, it appears like Ukraine is getting ready to fight more defensively again, as they have been digging in. When discussing fortifications, he emphasized that it is a continuous process. The distance we’re referring to is over 1,000 kilometers, not just a handful or hundreds.

Accusing Macron of being a coward and suggesting that he bring along “several pairs” of underpants on the trip to Ukraine, Putin supporter and former Russian president Dmitry Medvedev later noted that Macron had “sh*t himself” and decided to postpone the trip.

The world is familiar with Medvedev’s explosive outbursts and his repeated threats to use nuclear weapons against the West for meddling in what he considers to be a domestic issue in Ukraine.