South Korea Ruling Party Suffers Huge Defeat, Opposition Wins Landslide Majority

In South Korea’s recent general election, the liberal opposition party won a landslide victory to maintain its grip on parliament.

Minor opposition groups and the Democratic Party of Kenya (DPK) captured 192 out of 300 seats in the National Assembly.

President Yoon Suk Yeol’s tenure is ending in three years, and many see the vote as a referendum on him.

Han Duck-soo, the prime minister, has volunteered to step down, while Han Dong-hoon, the head of his party, has already quit.

The election outcome may give Mr. Lee the confidence to run for president again; he nearly lost to Mr. Yoon in 2022.

Various challenges have strained Mr. Yoon, including a growing elderly population, rising food costs, and the continuing doctor’s strike.

Mr. Yoon and the People Power Party (PPP) have suffered a devastating loss; the DPK-dominated legislature has thwarted their program. With their victory, the DPK will have the power to expedite the passage of legislation through parliament.

To make the most of South Korea’s election system, which gives minor parties some seats if their total support is less than their number of seats, both the DPK and the PPP have formed breakaway satellite parties.

In recent weeks, he has been criticized for giving the impression that he doesn’t understand how inflation affects people.

His recent remarks on the “reasonable” pricing of 875 won (£0.51; $0.65) for a bunch of green onions made headlines when he visited a Seoul shop last month.

The item, which usually retails for 3,000 to 4,000 won, was sold at a discount due to subsidies.

Protesters at farmers’ demonstrations and DPK election rallies carried bunches of green onions in response to the remark.

Kim Keon Hee, Mr. Yoon’s wife, is reportedly involved in a scandal for taking a gift of a fancy bag, and prominent members of his party have also been accused of corruption and abuse of power.

In addition to facing corruption accusations, the DPK has been mired in internal strife and political scandals.