YouTube Gun Influencer Running For Congress

A guy who has educated millions of viewers on gun safety, history, and usage wants to take his message to the next level by running for office. Brandon Herrera, a well-known YouTuber and firearms maker, has declared his candidacy in the Republican primary race for Texas’s 2nd Congressional District.

The AK Guy is a company Herrera founded which operates out of Fayetteville, North Carolina. They produce weapons, ammunition, and other gun-related products in the Kalashnikov style. Herrera parlayed his knowledge of firearms into the success of his @BrandonHerrera YouTube channel, which now has more than 2.8 million followers.

Last Monday, Herrera declared his candidacy for the Texas House of Representatives, District 23, against the incumbent Republican, Tony Gonzales. The district covers the area between El Paso and San Antonio.

Herrera confirmed on a YouTube video that he had submitted the required paperwork to run against Gonzales. He’s characterized the incumbent as a weak candidate who voted for gun regulation.

During his run for office, Herrera promises to prioritize the defense of Second Amendment rights. He swore he would never support gun control legislation.
Furthermore, he has said he would do all in his power to undermine the ATF and constantly question ATF Director Steven Dettelbach. Herrera testified at a congressional committee earlier this summer, voicing worry about the ATF’s possible threat to ordinary citizens.

Herrera isn’t only concerned with strengthening gun rights. He also emphasizes the need to defend the southern border, maintain the First Amendment guarantee of free expression, and stand up to digital censorship and Big Tech. Rep. He said Tony Gonzales has let down his voters in Texas’s 23rd district, which has more border with Mexico than any other area, by voting against Republicans and supporting amnesty.

Herrera said he was a libertarian disappointed with the state of the United States. He said that the United States of America was never meant to be the land of endless handouts; it was a place where people were guaranteed ‘freedoms and opportunities.”

He’s incorporated a well-known anti-Biden chant into his campaign. The catchphrase “Let’s Go Brandon” has been chosen as Brandon Herrera’s campaign slogan.

On “Super Tuesday” (March 5, 2024), Texans will go to the polls for the Republican primary.