Woman Suing After Dentist Allegedly Disfigured Her

An individual from Minnesota has taken legal action against her dentist, claiming that she was disfigured as a result of a single appointment that included 8 dental crowns, 4 root canals, and 20 fillings.

A report shows Kathleen Wilson took Dr. Kevin Molldrem ( Molldrem Family Dentistry) to court, accusing him of causing severe injuries to Wilson in 2020 due to negligent treatment, as well as giving her an unsafe dosage of anesthesia and fabricating medical records to hide the incident.

For an expert assessment and evaluation of Wilson’s medical files from Molldrem and other physicians, his legal team hired Florida dentist Dr. Avrum Goldstein. Goldstein’s November 14th, 2023 report details several violations of the duty of care.

In the report, Goldstein said that while Molldrem made the correct diagnosis, the therapy he offered was of low quality.

According to Goldstein, Wilson had a very unusual case of decay affecting almost all of her teeth. He said that Molldrem’s effort to restore all of Wilson’s teeth in a single appointment had done nothing to prevent her from becoming sick or losing teeth.

A calm, methodical approach was necessary for Wilson’s illness. It is not only impossible to effectively and constructively fill each cavity in her teeth in one visit, but it goes against everything that was stated. Addressing 28 teeth in 5 and a half hours is also unfathomable.

Goldstein found that Molldrem administered 960 mg of dental anesthetic to Wilson despite the maximum dosage of 490 mg.

Wilson sought assessment at a separate dental clinic, where she discovered extensive damage and recurring decay. Goldstein said that she sought treatment at the University of Minnesota Dental School for several months in 2022 to stabilize her mouth, during which time she had several restorations repaired and replaced.

According to Goldstein, it would have been a waste of time and money if Wilson had all of her teeth removed and replaced with implants.

Wilson reported experiencing agony, humiliation, deformity, and misery in addition to the financial burden of medical bills. She has filed a lawsuit seeking damages of $50,000 or more.

According to his website, Dr. Molldrem founded his dental clinic in Eden Prairie, Minnesota, to provide people the same high-quality treatment he would give his own family.