U.S. Senators Briefed On Chinese Spy Scandal

(PresidentialHill.com)- According to a report, U.S. senators will get a secret briefing on China this week in response to the downing of a fourth unidentified flying object over U.S. airspace.

The secret briefing is scheduled for mid-week after a shooting down of a high-altitude object over Lake Huron on Sunday. It was the latest in a spate of similar sightings and destructions.

The briefing was initially disclosed by Senate Majority Leader Chuck Schumer, D-New York, over the weekend, just after an alleged Chinese spy balloon was shot down off the coast of North Carolina.

The Pentagon will provide a confidential briefing on China to all senators.

Failures in the FAA’s NOTAM system will also be discussed during a hearing of the Senate Commerce, Science, and Transportation Committee during the week.

According to a report,  Melissa Dalton, assistant secretary of defense for homeland security and hemispheric affairs, said the increase in the number of flying objects discovered and destroyed might result from improved radar systems.

Reports reveal a Chinese spy balloon was shot down on February 4 along the coast of South Carolina, and another unidentified object was shot down on February 10 off the coast of Alaska.  A third object was destroyed over the Yukon in Canada on February 11, and a fourth over Lake Huron in Michigan on February 12.

A “missing in action” pico balloon from a hobbyist group may explain one of the three UFOs shot down in North American skies between February 10 and 12.

According to a report, on January 31, the hobbyists’ balloon had been in the air for 123 days and 18 hours, making this its sixth trip around the world.

Club members pointed to a National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration (NOAA) Hysplit Trajectory map showing that the balloon was above the Yukon Territory on the day an F-22 shot down an unidentified object. The balloon was on its eighth circumnavigation of the world on February 11.