Tucker Carlson Says Trump Is Arrested For Not Supporting War

After former President Donald Trump was arrested by the Biden Justice Department for his handling of classified documents, Tucker Carlson said that the uni-party is after Trump because of his opposition to the forever wars, according to National File. Tucker’s comments came during an episode of “Tucker of Twitter,” which debuted shortly after his dismissal from Fox News. 

Tucker highlighted that Washington, D.C. is surrounded by wealthy counties with a pointless war agenda. Tucker provided a blast from the past during the 2016 Republican primary debates when Trump called out Jeb Bush and the Iraq war. Trump claimed that the U.S. lied that they had found weapons of mass destruction in Iraq and said that the U.S. “disabled the Middle East.”  


Tucker looked at that moment and alleged that this was the moment the warmongers decided that something needed to be done about Trump. The anchor then aimed at other prominent Republicans like Nikki Haley, Mike Pence, Paul Ryan, and Mike Pompeo for being complicit in the agenda. 

He also noted that the “globalist uni-party cares more about Ukraine’s borders than America’s.” This fact was corroborated in December 2022 when Congress passed a $1.7 trillion spending bill that included money for other countries’ borders while disallowing funds for U.S. border security, according to American Pigeon

The indictment of the former president has bolstered his support. After Special Counsel Jack Smith decided to take action against Trump, despite Biden being found with over 1,800 boxes of classified information compared to Trump’s 11 boxes, a Morning Consult GOP Primary poll has Trump now has 59 percent of support among likely GOP voters. 

Florida Governor Ron DeSantis is trailing in second place with just 19 percent of support. Other presidential contenders are trailing even further barely breaking into the double digits.