Trump’s $355M Fine Could Drain Him of All Cash

With a ruling that found him guilty of conspiring to misrepresent his net worth and the subsequent imposition of a penalty of roughly $355 million, a New York court dealt Donald Trump a devastating loss in his civil fraud case. The former president’s punishment was increased to $450 million since the court additionally mandated that they pay hefty interest.

The lengthy and tumultuous lawsuit brought to a close by Justice Arthur F. Engoron ends the case of Trump’s inflated wealth claims brought by the attorney general of New York.

Justice Engoron imposed several sanctions that the former president must now consider as he faces four separate criminal cases and attempts to reclaim the presidency while his corporate empire is in jeopardy.

Trump was prohibited from holding executive positions at any New York corporation, including parts of his own Trump Organization, for three years by Justice Engoron.

Within 30 days, Mr. Trump must raise the necessary funds or post a bond to appeal the financial penalty. Since most of his fortune is in real estate, which is worth more than the fine, he will not go bankrupt due to the verdict.

Trump pleaded throughout the trial that he was the victim of persecution. Trump’s legal team challenged the attorney general to identify a “victim” of the scam by claiming that no one was “harmed” in the conventional sense.

A representative from the Trump Organization emphasized that the firm had an impeccable track record of timely loan payments and had never been in default. She also mentioned that the lenders had performed extensive due diligence before entering these transactions.

Justice Engoron first ordered the liquidation of the former president’s New York business upon ruling that Mr. Trump had committed fraud. However, law specialists had doubts about the judge’s competence, so in Friday’s verdict, Justice Engoron backed down.

There is no ignoring the symbolic significance of the sanctions; Mr. Trump is inseparable from the firm he oversaw for decades, and the court has written an embarrassing chapter in the former president’s biography by cutting him off from its activities.