Trump Speaks Out On Private Note He Left Biden In WH

Former President Trump mentioned leaving a note for President Biden at the White House in a recent interview on “Meet the Press.” A “nice note,” he remarked.

Kristen Welker said she heard that Trump left a note for President Biden as Trump departed. She asked Trump if he could give a sense of what he said.

Trump claimed he had spent a considerable amount of time contemplating the note.

Trump said in the interview, which will appear on Sunday, that he’d love for Biden to do a tremendous job, even if it were very bad for him politically.

When he moved into the White House, Biden said of Trump’s letter that it was a “generous letter.” He had previously stated that he would not share the letter’s contents due to its private nature.

A personal letter from the outgoing president to their successor is said to be a presidential custom. Since Trump refused to concede the 2020 election, it was unknown if he would continue the tradition.

In his message to Trump, former President Obama did not provide advice but “reflections.” He praised Trump’s candidacy and said that people “of all political stripes” should wish for increased wealth and security during Trump’s presidency.

George H.W. Bush’s message to Bill Clinton is often cited as an example of bipartisan civility between the two presidents.

Clinton said the letter showed “the core of who he was… an honorable, kind, and good man who believed in the United States, our constitution, our institutions, and our common future” in an obituary for Bush published in the Washington Post after his death.

The contents of the letter Biden refers to as “extremely generous” have not been disclosed. When President Biden found the memo on the Resolute Desk in the Oval Office, he allegedly “placed it in his pocket and did not discuss it with his aides,” as Bob Woodward and Robert Costa reported in their book Peril.

Recent polls show that Trump is leading the pack of Republican contenders, which might set the stage for a rematch between Biden and Trump in 2024.