Theory Floated That Biden Is “Behind” Trump Arrest Scheme 

( Over the weekend, a Fox News host suggested that President Biden could be behind Manhattan District Attorney Alvin Bragg’s plans to indict former President Donald Trump as a way to prevent Trump from challenging him in 2024. 

During Fox News’s “Big Sunday Show” this weekend, host Julie Banderas and co-host Tomi Lahren were discussing the recent report that federal, state, and local law enforcement officials have been discussing possible security plans around the Manhattan Criminal Court if Trump is indicted and must travel to New York for arraignment. 

Lahren said there was “a lot to unpack” about the report and wondered if Trump would be indicted for a misdemeanor or a felony, prompting Banderas to speculate about the motives behind the Manhattan DA’s decision to pursue the case. 

She asked if Alvin Bragg was using federal funds to investigate the former president, adding that if he was, it could be viewed as “tampering” with the 2024 presidential election. 

Banderas asked if Bragg is “getting messaging” from Washington as some have accused and suggested that Biden might be “behind this,” adding that Biden would “gain” from Bragg indicting “his biggest enemy.” 

Banderas also complained about the “double standard” over election meddling, claiming that Bragg is meddling in the election to help Joe Biden. 

That same day, former President Donald Trump, who watches Fox News religiously, also suggested that Alvin Bragg was taking orders from Joe Biden’s Justice Department. 

In a post on Truth Social, Trump claimed that the only reason the Manhattan District Attorney is pursuing the case is that Biden “stuffed” his office with former Justice Department prosecutors. Like Banderas, Trump accused Alvin Bragg of “taking his orders” from Washington. 

Fox News reported on Monday that the grand jury will be hearing testimony from another witness on Wednesday, and if Bragg decides to indict the former president, it would likely not happen until next week at the earliest.