Target Unwilling To Sell Glenn Beck’s Latest Book

The retail store that stocked trans-friendly swim gear is refusing to sell Glenn Beck’s latest book. Conservative customers boycotted the Target chain recently and hit its profits hard when it stocked the transgender items. Now it’s revealed that Target stores won’t sell Beck’s new book “Dark Future.” 

The book focuses on the next phase of what is known as the Great Reset – a term used by World Economic Forum (WEF) founder Klaus Schwab to describe the post-pandemic world in which humans increasingly live with artificial intelligence, cashless banking, and digital supervision.

“Dark Future” is the second book in quick succession that Target has refused to stock. The chain also turned down Mark Levin’s latest controversial contribution, “The Democrat Party Hates America.” Spokespeople for Target said the title would offend some of its customers. It did, however, stock “Blowback: A Warning to Save Democracy From the Next Trump,” without concern. 

Following furious protest and a boycott call from its author, Target changed course and began stocking the book that Levin says proves the Democrats seek to destroy the United States.

Co-author of “Dark Future” Justin Haskins said Target’s censorship is driven by its own business interests and its “woke” bias. He said the book describes in detail how government, business, and media elites are working together to remove the rights and freedoms of the masses, and some of the institutions involved are invested in major retail chains like Target.

“Perhaps, and this is just a guess, Target doesn’t want customers to know what some of its shareholders and corporate friends are up to,” said Haskins.

“Dark Future” is the second in a series by Beck and Haskins, the first was published last year and is entitled “The Great Reset: Joe Biden and the Rise of Twenty-First-Century Fascism.” This also argues that major organizations and corporations are working together, with President Biden and the Democrats, to bring about the end of the United States and take down Western civilization. These will be transformed into societies resembling communist China, the book claims.