Taliban Photo Spells Bad News For Biden

(PresidentialHill.com)- A new picture published by the Taliban is pouring salt in the wound left by the catastrophic withdrawal from Afghanistan under the Biden administration over two years ago. 

In August of 2021, the United States abandoned a tremendous quantity of military equipment in Afghanistan for use by the Taliban, including hundreds of airplanes. 

The Taliban are now apparently making excellent use of the jets they captured. 

A picture of three newly-trained Taliban pilots was leaked last week. These guys are the “first three pilots in Afghanistan,” as journalist Asaad Sam Hanna reported. 

This image has a hilarious vibe at first look. The pilot’s lack of footwear, the presence of a Christmas tree in the backdrop, the mundane nature of the environment, and the pilots’ uniforms all suggest that this is not some kind of cutting-edge or elite air force. 

Yet, if you look closely, you’ll see a detail that tweaks the Biden administration. 

The three guys are clutching certificates with depictions of MD-530 helicopters, an aircraft employed by the United States military in Afghanistan. The BBC claims that the U.S. forces left some of them behind in Kabul. 

The certifications seem to belong to MD-530s; thus, it’s reasonable to assume that the Taliban utilizes confiscated U.S. helicopters for military training. 

The picture shouldn’t give rise to any reason for concern. Compared to the United States Air Force, the Taliban is not likely to provide much of a challenge. 

But it is beside the issue. The idea is that this picture serves as a constant reminder to Biden and the American people of how humiliating the pullout from Afghanistan was. 

After 20 years in the nation, we fled in a chaotic, fatal manner, abandoning all our hard-won gains. The force we spent years and billions of dollars preparing collapsed in a matter of days, and we left not just military supplies but also many Afghans who had been our partners against the Taliban. 

Today, as if nothing ever occurred, the same gang we battled to overthrow is back in control and is using our own gear to impose its terrible tyranny. 

These three new aviators will utilize seized U.S. weaponry to frighten the Afghan people into submission. 

This will go down in history as a major humiliation for the Biden administration and the United States. Our once-great nation has been reduced to a global punchline in a single day. 

This picture shows how far the United States has gone under the administration of a weak leader.